Part I

  1. Time flies.
  2. You are the environment around you.
  3. The cohort, the task and the background define you.
  4. Summarize in several words,Who Are You?

Part II

  1. Rafe is right about the network.
  2. You probably won’t believe, how much emphasis we put on LinkedIn during today’s session;
  3. Network facilitate your job searching.
  4. Or career progress, wakeup call,
  5. Even keeping on track of the trends in industry.
  6. Push you out of comfort zone, you might succeed.
  7. But this is not always the case.Cuz you might never recover from that.
  8. The more effort you put, the more vulnerary you are subjective to.

Part III

  1. To conclude my life now
  2. Overwhelmed and keep coming assignment and exam;
  3. Frustrated at the same time enlightened group work;
  4. Know people can be narrowed while having no idea themselves;
  5. Story telling is the basic surviving skill;
  6. Be self-centered is beneficiary to the mental well-being.
  7. In another word,Doesn’t really need to give a shit.



This article is written in the 01:00,I apologize not properly structured. Feeling sleeping deprived since I got here. Sleep is necessary to prepare for tomorrow’s micro exam. What I’m ashamed is, only when I work for the exam, That I realize there is still so much more that I could have dive into.

God bless me.


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