I have to admit this title is too big to harness. But it is exactly what in my head right now. It came to me when I was in the laundry room, having no idea how to make the machine work, with the coins in my hand but nowhere to insert. Also this happens when I almost finish my officially first day in Lyon, when I shopped twice in the Carrefour 2 miles away, walking home with all the stuff in hands, can’t stop breathing heavily due to lack of exercise.  The idea of learning include all the activities incurred by inexperience or by curiosity, so we have to acquire something we are not familiar with. Thus stepping out of our comfort zone, we know more than we used to be. This is the basic of lifelong learning, of course, to me personnaly.




洗衣机及干洗机在我的印象里一直是投币的或者自用的。今天我站在机器面前蒙B了几分钟后才意识到墙上有个机器可以打票,在你刷卡之后,我在某一个瞬间想起了支付宝,然而我又一转意识到,难道不是支付宝本身反而是多了一道程序的第三方平台吗? 原本只是插信用卡支付,多了一个收钱出钱的大家反而觉得方便了,平台的作用果然可怕。。。嗯。。。我又想起来还有本叫平台战略的书没看。。。嗯,我还是明天睡好了再想起来吧。。。



梅洛3.36, 依云0.5, 油桃10个3欧,面包1.94欧,camembert 2.1。

Instead of wine, water, fruit, bread, fromage or all the other products and service, the most expensive thing is the support from the one you love, who consider your benefit and advantage ahead of his.

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