Do you feel good? not bad, right? yes, you guys already joined this company 3-4 years, we worked together and launched so many big event and projects. Our real estate belongs to the No. 1 in this downtown area. We always can lead the fashion and atrract consumer to come here, this shopping mall cheer up the whole city and we get it!

We are the benchmark !

exciting, proud ,….i know every working day, you can smell the feeling and i can find it on your face. But, you may know that, Lonely at the top. Lonely feeling can lead to much. For example, so many nights, i could not sleep and i am afraid that we could not innovate any more. we have to fight to ourselves! To be honest, i think we need to declare wary to our history, disrupt to innovate! That’s the right thing to do now! (Display moral conviction)

Do you have this feel too? tiny but strange feelling ? (rhetorical question) all of the other shopping mall look at us, before every event, before every seasonal compain or promotion, lots of shoppting mall try to learn from us and refer our decaration solution , even the UI design! But, we know that , we slowly move to stunk here, from last year, we could not provide exciting innovation. we have to redo and repeat the old solution.(Communicate confidence) if we proceed like this, continue to repeat, we will fail again and lose our strenghen and lose the respection from our consumer. So , it’s time to say no to our before, it’s time to disrupt to our achievement.

4 years ago, I and my husband have a travel to Spain, we decide to have a walk and complete our 150KM walking on foot, in 5 days! The first 1~2 days are fantestic, bueatiful view and we talk each other, we enjoy the coffee in the road side. exciting and, feel good. But from 3rd day, feel hard then, and afraid , not confident that whether we can make it. No more words each other , and could not move farword one step. WE could not overcome myself. Just lying on our two days achivement ,and say “give up” to the next 3 days jounery? (Stories)

We need to overcome ourselves!(display moral conviction)

but how?(list)

  1. review our strength again,find the core value of us, keep it

  2. org several internal workshop and brainstorming

  3. invole more resource from internal, not only marketing department

  4. disrupt rules,keep core

we are lonely,but we are together! So let us create a new level in this city, let us build the more exciting, more fantastic experience to our consumer! in this year, in the next compain/event – Chrismas Eve! (set high and ambitious goals) We will create a new era for our company, for this Kerry shopping mall, like the 1984 of Apple!

Tommy, you will take the leader and arrange 4 workshop from this week. Sissie, you can invite Ops and construction team to join our brainstorming, and prepare a new survey questionnaire and release to our EDM system. I will have a conversation with our agent vendor and review the process.

(detail steps , create confidence goals can be achieved)

OK, be nervous again ,my dear colleagues , let’s disrupt what we already had, Let‘s make better to Great! let’s create a miracle again!


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